• We are one of the first real estate solution providers in Africa to establish a secure and dynamic value-chain, which ensures that your investments are protected from the point of engagement to delivery.
  • To protect our promises to clients, we back all transactions with a reliable partnership, which consists of our trustees, insurance brokers, partner banks and legal counsel.
  • Desarrollar and its partners act to remove stress from your development needs at home. We provide stress-free engagement and effective real estate solutions. We not only assure construction efficiency, we cater to clients’ lifestyle needs as well.
  • We relieve you of the problems of land grabbing and fraud by dishonest owners of landed property and land agents.
  • For any real estate investor, a true property acquisition value-chain is desirable. The reality of such possibility leads to ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind. This is what Desarrollar aims to provide.
  • We are set up to serve you.
  • Desarrollar meets client real estate needs in their local communities across Africa from rom North to South, East to West even as our immediate focus is Pan-Nigeria from Epe to Kaduna, from Bodinga to Odukpani, from Fagge to Abonema. No matter our clients’ real estate choice, we will meet them there.
  • We offer residential and commercial developments based on robust interaction between our clients and our partners. We develop exceptional residential and commercial properties, which meet global best requirements of space and environment. Clear titles are obtained and due diligence is meticulously carried out by our legal partners.
  • Our trustees warrant payments received from clients against any form of risk. To be clear, Desarrollar never receives direct money payments from clients. Rather, all monies are paid to our legal partners or our trustee bank accounts in our partner banks.
  • A team of men and women with proven background of excellence and integrity is behind Desarrollar. They are Ikemefuna Mordi, Chuka Okolo, Mope Abudu, Deji Olatoye, Gwen Abiola-Oloke, Olusegun Olukoya and Joyce Uredi.
  • We also a strategic partnership that includes ULT Trustees, FBNQuest Trustees, TheLODT and Banwo & Ighodalo (one of Nigeria’s leading legal firms).
  • Kindly consult website for further details.

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  • Yes, absolutely. We will only work for you when you have made a selection that you are comfortable with from options presented to you on our website or your preferred option.
  • Our team will then independently review your real estate preference and ensure that we meet the strictest development or outright purchase criteria that we believe will be attractive to you.

There are nine models with cost implications provided on our website. Please check our website for details.

We will provide optional building types matching your specifications in your preferred location based on your direct brief.

A trust-based system involving different roles operated by reputable institutions has been put in place to guarantee the safety of client funds and investments. This involves a Trustee company representing the interest of the client and one of Nigeria’s leading and most reputable legal entities to validate all transactions and protect the clients’ investments with the appropriate legal instruments.

While Desarrollar recommends that our legal partners are thoroughly equipped to handle all due diligence to keep the outright purchase or development process on track and as easy as possible, you are, of course free to appoint any legal representative of your choice to work with us.

All our developments begin only after in-depth research on the title and confirmation of the zoning status. Our legal partners will obtain all necessary official permissions before an outright purchase or construction work begins on site.

There are protections at every stage of the property development. The trustees have a separate and dedicated team of project management specialists to oversee each stage of the real estate developments according to agreed milestones from initiation to completion of the development.

We not only meet individual residential and non-residential needs, we also provide a platform to deliver other real estate solutions including hotels, hospitals, mini-estates, shopping malls and high-rise developments.

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